What is two-way SMS?

Two-way SMS messages gives you with the ability to get responses from your customers through SMS. Let's say you put an advert somewhere, and you want to ask interested customers to SMS you for services or products you provide. With 1s2u 2-way SMS service, you will be engaged with your customers through SMS messaging. To get started you need to have your 1s2u Virtual Mobile to receive SMS on virtually any mobile network around the world using a standard 11 digit mobile number.
This has an advantage over short codes as it looks like a normal mobile number, and it can receive SMS messages from most networks in the world.
This is completely different to operator short codes, which can only receive messages from users on that network. However, there are no billing options when using a Virtual Mobile number.
The MO leg is always set to standard rate, and Premium SMS cannot be sent from a Virtual Mobile number.
Therefore this is a purely inbound, non-billed solution.

You are Welcome to use our Bulk SMS Gateway, and join our Reseller Bulk SMS program to become our Bulk SMS Reseller for our services. We will help you step by step to become Bulk SMS Provider and make your own Bulk SMS Panel. Our distributed SMSCs and strong bonds with various local and international network coverages will assure you a Quality Bulk SMS Messaging all around the globe.

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