What is SMS Voting?

SMS Voting services in 1s2u enables you to create various types of attractive SMS voting events, surveys, opinion polls, quizzes, etc. SMS Voting allows you to run and manage unlimited number of Voting services at the same time. By using advanced filtering options (e.g. message prefix, short code, incoming account, sender, recipient, etc.) incoming messages will be forwarded to appropriate Voting services. Within Voting service, received messages are classified according to the list of predefined voting answers. Each voting answer may include multiple keywords that will be used as synonyms. Automatic replies which may contain various parameters, can be sent as responses to received messages. For example: "Your vote for %AnsName% has scored %AnsVotes% votes." will return the information about the current score of the answer. Voting service has comprehensive support for setting the limits for the number of accepted answers per contact (e.g. each contact must send at least three different answers). Voting service works in real-time, and changes to its settings (e.g. modifying the list of voting answers or changing the limits options) are applied immediately.

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