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We always work on improving our products and services, including competitive prices. We provide fast and reliable SMS traffic through our distributed SMSCs all around the world, and our support team is available to you for 24/7. Simply you only pay for the traffic you send out. As a bulk SMS customer there is no monthly subscription fee and no hidden fees to pay.
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Bulk SMS Platform Online
1s2u provides a very convenient SMS messaging platform online. Through platform, you will enjoy the benefits of sending single and group bulk SMS messaging, having a delivery DLR report to see if the SMS messages reached or not, getting your own private virtual number and recieving back messages from customers, obtaining your SMS sending statistics, setting default templates and favorite contacts, and enjoying the celebrity of sending SMS messages anywhere and everywhere. Try our Bulk SMS messaging platform and get your free 10 Send Bulk SMS messages.


  1. Yeah!! Advertisements through bulk message powered by SMPP Server is one of the primary modes that are followed widely. Modern SMPP application provides a direct connection between the network provider and the client. They can also provide results for instant delivery services. Some providers enable you to send a huge number of text messages, sometimes up to 200 messages per second through their high bandwidth capable servers.

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