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Bulk SMS Reseller System From

Advantages of Reseller System from As a reseller of our private label SMS service, you will be able to supply a service that is increasingly in demand by businesses and organizations of all sizes. Branded group text messaging service will enhance your existing portfolio of services and prevent clients who are already investigating the potential of text message marketing from looking elsewhere. You may even attract new clients with a white label SMS platform that you can then cross-sell with your existing services The Benefits of Reselling Our White Label When you resell our white label SMS platform, we deploy and maintain a copy of our industry-leading platform on your own dedicated Domain. We replace all Texting branding with your own logos, banners and contact details and you can customize that as your theme will use a our own dynamic backend template so you can edit your theme text,photos,prices…etc as you like. Your customers and clients will never know that they're