What is SMS Info?

SMS Info in 1s2u enables you to make custom SMS services to provide your users with desired information needed, such as: news, weather reports, sport events, banking information, etc. It can also be used to create advanced services like SMS games, lottery, quizzes, parking, etc.
Info service recognizes the request and the parameters from the message text and forwards them for further processing in order to create a reply to the user. Info service can run SQL query on an external database to create the reply, execute external application, return predefined text, or read the text file to get the reply.

You are Welcome to use our Bulk SMS Gateway, and join our Reseller Bulk SMS program to become our Bulk SMS Reseller for our services. We will help you step by step to become Bulk SMS Provider and make your own Bulk SMS Panel. Our distributed SMSCs and strong bonds with various local and international network coverages will assure you a Quality Bulk SMS Messaging all around the globe.

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