How 1s2u Bulk SMS Messaging Works?

In order to know how works, it is important to have a summarized introduction first. is one of the biggest leading quality SMS services company in the world! With experiences of nearly 20 years, is always committed to providing professional and quality SMS services. is distinguished from other providers with its low-cost and flat rate concepts, and human real-time one-to-one communication for 24/7.  Read more here and here. applies simple and practical solutions to its customers, and it is open for any suggestions for improvement, and you are welcome to be our reseller for our services. We will provide you with all the necessary training and guide you step by step to have your own customized SMS services company. Read more here. provides three SMS services:
1. Bulk SMS Services: It is the services where messages are sent in bulk to the designated customers. Read more here.
2. Single SMS Services: It is the services where single messages are sent to the designated customers. Read more here.
3. Inbound SMS Services: It is the ability to have two-way SMS communication with your customers. You will be provided with your own virtual number to enable communication between you and your customers. Read more here and here have established servers all around the world, together with bonds with many local and international network providers. Our bonds ensure our customers to have always the best services needed for their SMS. You may read our services usage policy here.


Single/Bulk SMS services

Inbound SMS Services

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